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New blog + New Adventures

Hello and welcome to my new blog. If you wondered where I’ve been over the last 3 months, rest assured all is well. I’ve been hard at work designing my new photography branding, building this here website/blog and working on several exciting projects in between. In June, I graduated from my diploma photography course after a year’s long journey, completing assignments often late into the night and on weekends whilst working at the day job.

I’ve also had the fantastic opportunity to second shoot a handful of gorgeous weddings for some really fabulous photographers. I will be showcasing a selection of my favourite frames from each day on here very soon.

Along with the new look and site, I thought it would be a great to get you lovely couples involved too. So I will be offering a competition right here on this blog in association with the amazingly talented and stylish Charley from London Bride, so keep your eyes peeled for it coming up in the next week.

In addition to everything else, come new links to social media too, you can find me on    and follow me on  

But for now why not make yourself a nice cuppa and have a good ‘ol browse around. (mind the few minor kinks which need ironing out), but I hope you like what you see and would love to hear your thoughts. Fanni x


Heidi - LOVE LOVE LOVE your new website!!!!! You are now my home page!! I am super excited that you have a new avenue to share your creativity with the world! Lucky us :) Thanks for the inspiration xxx

Kirsten Mavric - Gorgeous new blog and site, Fanni x

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