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Inspiration Project #4

Make your own, easy peasy envelopes with colourful inlays. You can download and print out my stripey sheet from Bijoux bride.

For this project you will need the following:
• An existing envelope, (any shape and size you wish).
• Your favourite HB pencil
• Coloured card, (you could have each one a different colour if you like).
• An inlay sheet, (printed from the link above or you could use wrapping paper or even fabric if you don’t mind the fraying bits)
• Spray glue, double-sided tape and scissors.

Step 1:
Firstly gently undo the glued sides of an existing envelope, careful not to tear them and cause too much damage. Lay the template flat on to some coloured card of your choosing and trace around the shape with a pencil then cut out.

Step 2 + 3:

Carefully fold in the bottom and two side corner flaps of your new envelope to give it the basic shape. Leave the top one flat as this will be easier to trace when placed onto your inlay paper. With a pencil trace around your envelope shell onto your inlay paper and cutout. You will now have the exact size of the outer side of the envelope. This is not ideal as it will be too snug for when the sides of the envelope are folded in so the inlay needs to be trimmed.

Step 4:
With a pencil and ruler mark about a 3 mm border from the edge at small increments all the way around the inlay. Then with a pair of scissors carefully follow the guide you have made and cut off the 3mm border.  To neaten, trim any rounded corners.

Step 5:
Place the inlay against the base of the envelope and check if you are happy with the size and border/rim shown by the envelope. Spray glue and return to the envelope, centering the inlay by lining it up with the bottom fold of the envelope. For a smooth and solid finish run your hand over it to eliminate any bubbles that could appear left between the inlay and the card.

Step 6:
Gently fold all the sides of the envelope back together again including the top flap and make sure you get a clear, crisp fold on all the edges.
Use your double-sided tape to stick down the sides with the bottom flap.

Step 7:
With some white ink + a calligraphy pen, write your desired address, adorn with some pretty stamps and whatever else you like and it’s ready to go.

Alternatively you could go a step further and make your envelopes out of anything really. Why not use old newspapers or comic books. Perhaps even old maps or old illustrations from sketch books and why not do the same with the inlays. The world is your ‘envelope’ oyster. If you do try this tutorial, let me know how it works for you and what you made them for. (ie. party, wedding etc). Enjoy! Fanni x

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Ellie - Those are beautiful, especially the calligraphy!

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