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The Workshops – The Image is Found

I’ve been a fan of Nate & Jaclyn and their website The Image is Found for a while now. So, when the newly awarded ‘Top 10 Wedding Photographers IN THE WORLD’ announced that they were coming to London to host a one-day only workshop back in March… I literally jumped out of bed to book myself in. This was definitely an opportunity NOT to be missed.

A little over a month and a half later the day finally arrived. And it was great! No… Better than great!

Was it informative you ask? Yes! Was it inspirational? Yes! Was it a wake up call to change the way I work and the kind of work I produce? Absolutely!

Nate & Jaclyn come across exactly as they do on their blog. They are the nicest, funniest, straight up/tell it like it is, talented and creative individuals that I have met in a while. They know their stuff and they know how to make it work. As we headed outside to observe them create their magic, I just had to take a few snap shots on my iPhone to document the day.


I couldn’t thank Nate & Jaclyn enough for coming all the way to London to share their wisdom with us and a big thank you to our fabulous models Chris & Dani Barber for being there too! Fanni x

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