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The 365 Project

This year I began my attempt at the 365 challenge. A project of taking a photograph every day for a year. The idea being that when looking back it serves as a wonderful visual diary of things you’ve seen, done and the adventures you got up to. Here is a small selection of a few of my favourites from my {365/2011}. I’ve really enjoyed it as it keeps me creatively challenged and pushing me to think outside the box.  I really do hope I can keep it up for a longer period next year though… Fanni x

{365/2011} Composition #008.
{365/2011} On the way to work this morning.  Caught the sun peaking over the roof tops casting it’s glorious rays on the tip of this tree.
{365/2011}  ‘A painted cityscape viewed from across the shore.’
Well that is what I see anyway… In reality this is the frosted up window of the cafe from across the road that is being renovated. Tools cast in shadow by sunlight to form skyscrapers and monuments. And if you squint hard enough you might even see the Guggenheim.
{365/2011} I love working in a creative office. Especially this one with a reception desk that has a 3 meter long aquarium attached to the front of it. Today was the first time I ever came across fish so eager to have their photo taken, they came racing over as soon as I got down to their level. I wonder if the one up the top right was making sure I was getting  his good side…
{365/2011} Experimenting with liquid. Take two…Bubbles.
{365/2011}  Less sweets more greens.  {Yearly resolution}.
{365/2011} I love that Friday feeling!
{365/2011} This week I have been experimenting with light. How it can be manipulated, reflected, transformed and passed though transparent objects to create some interesting and unusual images. {self-portrait 03}
{356/2011} WEEK TWO THEME {BODY PARTS}  Somedays I just feel brave!

{365/2011} Old British navy binoculars + navy blue & red anchor printed fabric = happy coincidence.

{365/2011} Not my usual mug for my morning cuppa before work but I love the brighter mornings we’ve been having and I managed to get a quick shot of my favourite “Rooibos” tea.

{365/2011} THEME: ROMANCE/LOVE  Homemade, hand-painted cushion cover. {self-portrait 7}
{365/2011} Theme of the week: Vegetables Floating Onions… I once got told that whenever you are chopping onions you should have a gulp of water in your mouth so that you won’t get tears running down your face. Now, I know it sounds utterly weird but it does work… (mostly).

{365/2011}  Theme of the Week: Vegetables. Peas: The pearls of the vegetable world. {self-portrait}

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Dan Welldon - Some beautiful ethereal shots here – great work Fanni!

Kierstin - these are fantastic! I love the one of the tea cup.

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