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Inspiration Project #2

It turn’s out I didn’t learn much in economics class when I was 16, but I did learn how to fold origami hearts from the exchange student sitting next to me, visiting from Brazil. I guess you could say I was not destined for the financial district but something far more creative instead.

I think these little origami paper hearts would be ideal for any wedding table setting or hung up in bunches somewhere for all to enjoy!
Fanni x


STEP 1 + 2:
You can make a variety of different sized hearts depending on what sized paper you start off with. The one in my tutorial is A6. I started with an A4 then halved it so it was A5 then halved it again to get A6. Then fold one corner over to meet the edge and then do the same with the other corner. Make sure you go over the folded side a few times to get crisp, sharp edges.

STEP 3 + 4:
Open the folded corners and then squeeze the center pieces together until they meet and press down from the top so that it looks like this. Take each corner of the top triangle you have just made and fold upwards so they form two smaller triangles or little flaps.

STEP 5 + 6:
Flip the whole thing over and fold down the tip of the triangle, leaving the two little flaps behind. Then take each little flap and at an angle fold them down and tuck the ends in to each side of the folded down tip you have just made. This will form the top of your heart.
STEP 7 + 8:
Flip the whole thing over again and you can see the back base of your heart. With the remaining bits of paper, fold each side inwards till they meet to leave a long strip coming from the base of the heart.

Flip the whole thing back to the front and fold the long strip inwards all the way underneath the tip. Then take each remain bottom corner and fold them inwards and tuck them into the same place you did the top little flaps.

STEP 10:
And Voila!…One little origami heart!  Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. Let me know if it’s worked for you!

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