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Inspiration Project #3


1. Download my templates from the lovely Bijoux Bride. Use two bits of thin card of different or complimentary colours and firmly glue them back to back. Then cut out shape with the template.

2. Once you have your shape, start folding all the little strips inwards. Place your little favours into the middle of the box and then tighten all the little strips at the tip together and secure with a little bit of tape which will then be covered by some pretty ribbon from your wedding colour palette.

3. Then take a wooden skewer from your local hobby craft store and break them down to size and gently push them through the top.

4.  Cut out the ‘Thank-you’ banners, snip the one end to a ‘v’ shape to form the end of your flag and with the other end start rolling it around the top of the skewer and secure with a little bit of clear tape.

And Voila! Thank you table favours. Fanni x

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mel mccarthy - Genius! These are so gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing the template & tutorial.

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