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The Workshops – Emily Quinton

I had been looking forward to the 5th of May for at least a month and half now. Along with 12 other eager photographers, we gathered at The Hub to hear Emily Quinton give her first seminar/workshop on Wedding Photography. And it was Great!. A real down to earth discussion on all things business related from a creative approach to wedding photography to learning about marketing and getting your brand out through blogging and social networking. Plus all those extra little details in between. Safe to say the day was truly inspirational and reassuring that my thinking and progression is on the right track.

After lunch we headed to the canals behind Kings Cross to start the second half of our day, which was a styled “couples/engagement” shoot by Charley of London Bride. Our wonderful models Owen & Charis Warrell traveled a long way to join us for the afternoon but I’m so glad they did. They make such a cute couple and really great to photograph. Fanni x

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