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Tea + cupcakes

Lisa Brown and I had been planning to do a ‘mini’ shoot swap with a difference for several weeks. You could say our conversation went a little along the lines of… How about… cupcakes, cameras, cupcakes, a bit of vintage detail, cupcakes and some tea drinking on the side? Erm… well…YES PLEASE! But why keep all this yummy goodness to ourselves we thought and invited fellow photographer Dasha Caffery and makeup artist Aline Borduqui to join us in all the merrymaking and photo taking.

So last weekend we headed to the gorgeous little bakeshop and tearoom that is Bake-a-boo. Walking into this shop is truly magical; beautifully decorated, mismatched china teacups sit in saucers on floral tablecloths, canvas prints of divine macaroons and cakes adorn the walls and the smell of sweet bakery loveliness fills the air. I wholly recommend whiling away the hours here, and indulging oneself with a deliciously decedent ‘afternoon tea’.  So naughty yet so nice – the perfect treat for any weekend. Fanni x

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